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Service Commitment:

1. Willing to provide you with comprehensive training to ensure that customers fully understand our equipment.

2. Willing to share the latest technology with you and provide a complete set of solutions according to your product requirements.

3. You don't have to worry about the supply of spare parts. We have a large number of original or imitation parts to introduce to you.

4. We have a group of excellent service engineers waiting 24 hours for your call.


24*7 HOTLINE:+918800237422

Pre-sale service:

"Pre-sale service" marketing model, which integrates sales, service, information, culture and other functions, are part of the marketing concept advocated by Topquality. Through the application and extension of the concept of "pre-sale service", the ultimate goal is that the first equipment is sold by sales, and the subsequent equipment is sold by high-quality service in a virtuous market cycle. Using the "pre-sale service" model "close" to understand the distributors, and the pre-sale service concept to achieve the degree of refinement. Make use of its network advantages to develop overseas markets through multiple channels. Supported by the concept of pre-sale service, we will gradually establish and improve the overseas after-sale service network.

After-sale service:

1.After the delivery of the equipment, our company will be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment free of charge to assist the buyer in the acceptance.

2. After the delivery of the equipment, the technical staff of our company shall provide training on the operation and maintenance of the equipment. The time shall not be less than 12 hours (4 hours/day).

3. After three months of use, the service department of our company will visit the equipment and submit relevant reports.

4. Our company sells equipment with different free warranty periods, spare parts replacement and maintenance are provided free of charge.

5. In addition to the free warranty period, our company will be ready to accept any service of customer equipment at the invitation of customers.

6. In the process of using the equipment, if the machine breaks down, the use department should cut off the power supply and notify our service department orally or in writing. Our service department will respond immediately after receiving the notification and deal with it in time.

You just need to rest assured that we can do the rest of the work!

Installation and training

1.Communication before installation:

According to the customer's arrival time, communicate with the user in advance on site installation planning and the organization and flow direction of gas, electricity and equipment distribution map.

2. On-site installation:

①. Before installation, Topquality technical engineers will arrive at the customer factory site ahead of schedule, guiding the installation of equipment according to the reservation plan, install relevant supporting facilities, including connection platform, anti-static equipment, various checkpoints, etc., in order to reduce the cost of installation.

②. Guiding users to install equipment in advance. For gas, electricity and equipment flow, installation should be carried out in accordance with the standard operating requirements of Huangpai equipment. The damage caused by non-compliance with basic requirements is the responsibility of the customers themselves.

③. Instructing the test machine: After the installation of the equipment is completed, the technical engineer carries out the overall inspection, confirms the test plan after the inspection, and prepares the production spare parts of the test machine. Under the guidance of engineers, the machine is tested and the parameters of the process are recorded.




       Contacts:HEMANT +91-9810081532 


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